5 Vendor Evaluation Questions: Finding the Right Commercial Contractors for Your Business

Being a business owner, regardless of its size, can be a challenge in many ways. Problems are bound to spring up left and right. When it comes time for you to find a commercial contractor for inevitable maintenance work, how do you know which vendor to go with? These 5 Vendor Evaluation Questions should help steer you in the right direction when you’re attempting to find a commercial contractor.

1. Is the contractor financially sound?
This may seem like a given, but many people overlook it. If the contractor is having money issues, then there may be a chance they won’t be able to obtain the proper equipment for your job. Searching out a contractor that is established enough to have a solid financial ground is the first ting to keep in mind.

2. Where is your contractor located?

If your contractor doesn’t have a permanent establishment where they conduct their business it’s not a red flag, but it could be a factor in your decision. An office of any variety, whether it be large or small, shows that the contractor has his/her affairs well organized. Having space to keep invoices, client information, and all the paperwork that goes into contracting is a sign of responsibility. Going with someone less organized means that paperwork might get lost at any point, perhaps on purpose. This leads to the next tip…

3. How legitimate is the contractor’s business?
It should be no surprise to anyone that there are less-than-honest people in this world. There are many horror stories of shady contractors undertaking sketchy projects. The last thing you want is a contractor who “cuts corners” or obtains material that “falls off a truck.” While the cost savings may seem appealing, it is it’s best to stay away from disreputable contractors. It will inevitably find its way back to you, and probably into the custody of the law.

4. How do prices compare?
Again, this is a point that you may already have in mind, but never forget how important it is. If a contractor’s prices are higher than the market standard, make sure they can back up the quality of their work. If a contractor can offer you credentials and references that prove they are worth the money, it may be something worth considering. However, most contractors should be market competitive. Anything too high is more than likely going to rip you off, anything too low is probably too good to be true. Make sure you do your research on the market standards before you make a decision.

5. What is their personality like?
Finally, make sure the contractor is someone you want to work with. A commercial contractor may meet all your criteria, but come across as arrogant or condescending. There are plenty of contractors out there who will exceed your expectations, so don’t waste your time with someone if you aren’t fully satisfied with their manners while conducting business. Some people are just looking to make a buck, while others are working with you for compensation. There is a big difference, and it shows in the quality of work and effort put forth. Like with all relationships, personality is key.

These 5 Vendor Evaluation Questions should help you when it comes time to finding a contractor for your business.

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