Fixxbook’s parent company, ServiceChannel,
was founded in 1999 and is currently in use by leading national facility managers in the retail, restaurant, commercial and industrial sectors to manage data for more than 80,000 locations. Over 10,000 service contractors have been trained on ServiceChannel to date with more using the system each day.

ServiceChannel’s industry leadership is a result of four main differentiators:

First, ServiceChannel is completely independent and is not a contractor or an outsourcer – it empowers facility clients with technology to collaborate with their own contractors and find new ones by connecting with other ServiceChannel clients.

Second, ServiceChannel is flexible, working with facility management departments and contractors’ existing processes as well as their current asset, lease management and accounting systems to deliver real value without lengthy or costly implementations.

Third, ServiceChannel is entirely focused on a single industry. Every member of the ServiceChannel team has a deep understanding of the challenges that facility managers and contractors face every day and as a result, the solutions are actionable and impactful. It is important to note that ServiceChannel owns and develops all of its own technology, giving it  the ability to continually develop and improve our platform to better meet the changing needs of it’s clients.

Fourth, ServiceChannel is a leader in the industry and has a proven solution that is in use by “four of the top five most valuable retail brands in the US.” according to Interbrand Best Retail Brands 2012. As a result, engaging ServiceChannel represents an exceptionally low risk and high impact solution for clients.

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