Marketing for Contractors: Alternative Lead Generation

In a digital environment, the internet offers enormous opportunities for generating interest in your business. Even the shopping habits of customers have changed. They do not anymore rely on print and mass media advertisements alone. They take the initiative to look for the product or service they need through the web. As a contractor, therefore, it makes good business sense to position your business well and increase your online visibility so that facilities managers can easily find you.

Let’s take a look at some alternative lead generation strategies that commercial contractors can do online in order to be easily found by customers and corner large contracts:

5 Contractor Marketing Musts

You must have a website. If you want to be found online, there is no other option but to have a website. Think of a catchy name for your site and something that can be easily remembered. It should detail the services you offer, your trade expertise, your geographic service areas, your credentials and those of your employees. Invest in a professionally designed site if you don’t know how to do it yourself. Provide an area for users where they can ask questions and participate or comment on issues they read on your website (blogs, contact forms). Remember, marketing is not simply selling but building relationships.

List your business in a contractor directory. Registering your business in a contractor directory is a cutting edge strategy over your competitors who are not listed. Often free or with a minimal fee, it gives your business increased exposure through search for customers looking for the services you offer. It can also help enhance your site’s search engine rankings. Contractor directories like fixxbook can help boost your site’s traffic, increase lead generation, enhances conversion rates, and result in a healthier bottom line for you and your company.

Use social media. Social media platforms or forums help users interact by sharing information and experiences for the good of all. Professional participation on sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is a great way to increase your business’ online reputation. Here, you can build your image with healthy discussions about your contracting trade expertise. Anything new, good, unique or even controversial often becomes a hot issue that can go viral. It is, therefore, important that what you share in social media networks is something that is beneficial to your business.

Engage in guest blogging. Guest blogging on highly trafficked sites is one of the best ways of getting more traffic to your site. It exposes you to a new target audience and helps you to make new connections and build new relationships. You likewise are able to drive these new readers back to your own business site, resulting in the potential for more leads and conversions. More importantly, quality guest blogging establishes you as an authority in your industry niche or contracting expertise, thus enhancing your reputation.

Write for publications. Writing articles, columns or letters to the editors of publications on issues relevant to your niche are good ways of getting your business publicized. It projects you as an expert in your field, lending credence to your company’s image.

The Internet has changed virtually everything, including how commercial contractors market their business and the costs involved. The traditional approach of advertising in print and mass media, yellow pages and direct mail can be burdensome to a business owner’s budget.

If you register at a trusted contractor directory like fixxbook, you can get found faster and be visible to the national facilities world for free. If a client finds that your trade expertise and geographic service area match his requirements, he can contact you directly via email or phone – and that’s one more client added to your portfolio! Find out more in our How it Works section.

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