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Finding a Contractor: Commercial Plumbing Contractor Liability Insurance Requirements

Finding the right contractor for the job takes a little research. If you’re talking about a job on commercial property like an office building or retail space, it’s obviously important to hire someone who is both qualified and experienced, whether you’re talking about an electrician, plumber or landscape contractor.  That said, there’s more to the contractor vetting process than experience or even recommendations. It is also very important to find a contractor who has the right insurance for this specific job. Read more.

How to Find a Contractor You Can Trust: Who to Ask

At some point, every business needs the services of a contractor. It may be for construction, renovation, remodeling, or even landscaping. Professional commercial contractors are able to do the assigned jobs swiftly and efficiently. However, if a company chooses the wrong contractor, it may lead to delays, poor work, or even more serious problems. One of the best ways to find a reliable contractor is to look for references; use these guidelines with asking for contractor referrals from your contacts. Read more.

Finding a Contractor: Commercial Electrical Contractor Liability Insurance Requirements

Commercial building networks are much more complex than ordinary home setups. So are their electrical problems. Business owners and property managers must, therefore, not only find a contractor but look for an experienced commercial electrical contractor to fix such problems.

A purposeful effort to find a contractor requires due diligence. As a facilities manager, consider the following guide in your search for a suitable commercial electrical contractor for the construction, maintenance or repair jobs that you need. Read more.

Finding a Contractor: Hiring Union vs Nonunion Contractors

Maintenance, repair and construction jobs, whether building from ground up, renovation or any other skilled work, requires the right set of professionals. When a specialized worker is needed, facilities managers often must consider whether to hire union or nonunion contractors.

Many managers start with finding a contractor via personal referrals or online contractor directories. Here’s what to consider when conducting your search: Read more.

How to Find a Contractor You Can Trust: What to Ask For

No matter what kind of business you run, chances are your facilities will require maintenance, repair and upkeep at some point down the road. With hundreds upon thousands of contractors out there, it can be difficult to find a contractor qualified enough for the task at hand. To help, keep the following simple talking points in mind when you’re interviewing a potential contractor: Read more.

Finding a Contractor: Commercial HVAC Contractor Liability Insurance Requirements

Every commercial HVAC contractor is required to hold a license and a certain amount of liability insurance, a law put in place to protect consumers from fraudulent behaviors. No one wants to feel taken advantage of, and unfortunately there are those who do and will con even the wary. The best way to protect yourself as a facilities manager is be well-informed. Read more.