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Increasing Your Profile Score

So you’ve finally taken the plunge and registered your company with Fixxbook. Congratulations! You’ve now joined over 40,000 highly qualified and credentialed contractors on a platform that’s a direct sourcing tool for hundreds of retail, restaurant and other multi-unit chains. Now comes the fun part: making your company stand out in a field of the best contractors available anywhere.

You’ve probably noticed that little green number on your profile called your Profile Score. This score is used by our clients and facilities managers as a measuring stick of how engaged a contractor is with the platform and how complete their profile is. So it doesn’t define you as a company, but it does give an indication to potential clients as to your commitment to participate in this procurement platform and how much information you are sharing about your company. Basically, this score gives them added incentive to find out more about your company and connect with you. Read more.

Helping Facility Managers Find A Contractor: How to Market Yourself

Facility managers searching for high quality service providers often find themselves struggling to locate quality professionals that offer the needed services in a reliable, consistent manner. This can lead to frustration and wasted time, with the tendency to settle for contractors that do not offer the best quality of services – simply because they can be found.

Contractors that are interested in finding work will need to put effort and attention into marketing themselves to facility managers in order to make themselves visible and attractive in prospective clients. This can be one of the greatest challenges of being a contractor, but once handled properly it will bring these professionals into connection with the facility managers that need them. Read more.

Marketing for Contractors: Alternative Lead Generation

In a digital environment, the internet offers enormous opportunities for generating interest in your business. Even the shopping habits of customers have changed. They do not anymore rely on print and mass media advertisements alone. They take the initiative to look for the product or service they need through the web. As a contractor, therefore, it makes good business sense to position your business well and increase your online visibility so that facilities managers can easily find you.

Let’s take a look at some alternative lead generation strategies that commercial contractors can do online in order to be easily found by customers and corner large contracts: Read more.

Marketing for Contractors: Website Design and Best Practices

When facilities managers want to find a contractor, the first place they turn to is the web. The sophistication of internet services and the complexities of the facility managers’ jobs are growing at exponential rates. This means that commercial contractors looking to get their messages out into the field must make savvy decisions. The best way to do this is to design an efficient website. Read more.

Marketing for Contractors: Increasing Your Online Visibility

Your commercial contractor business might seem like it’s a million miles away from the online world. But that doesn’t mean you can afford to ignore the need for building a presence on the Internet, including investing a website and listing your business in preeminent online contractor directories.

The Internet has clearly become a part of every area of our lives. In fact, recent studies show that over 70% of people say that they go online to find business information before making a decision. This is true not only for regular consumers for facilities managers and business owners. Consequently, it’s imperative for residential as well as commercial contractors to build their online presence. Read more.