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Commercial Contractor Jobs: How to Improve Your Resume

Commercial contractors need impressive, well-written resumes to convince companies to use their services. A poorly-written, disorganized resume means almost certain disqualification from most large commercial maintenance and repair jobs. Fortunately, creating a resume that shows the contractor to his best advantage is not difficult. Effective resumes focus on the contractor’s strengths and emphasize how he can help the client. The key elements of a persuasive resume for obtaining commercial contractor jobs include the following: Read more.

Become a Commercial Plumber: The Top Ten Plumbing Trade School Programs

A career in plumbing can be very rewarding. Plumbers get to work with their hands, meet new people, and possess practical skills that not many people have. And as long as the demand for clean and convenient running water keeps up, a commercial plumbing contractor will always be able to find work. Read more.

Residential vs. Commercial Contracting Businesses

The needs of commercial businesses differ greatly from those of consumers when it comes to the hiring and employment of contractor services. Understanding those differences gives contractors who advertise their services to commercial industry facilities an advantage in this highly competitive marketplace. Read more.

The Top Ten HVAC Trade School Programs

With the high demand of commercial HVAC contractors in the workforce, it is vital that those interested in the industry find a quality education. For instance, higher and higher SEER-efficient systems are demanding a new generation of expertise. By attending a quality HVAC trade school, students can learn the newer technologies associated with these exceedingly efficient models. Read more.

The Top Ten Landscape Design Schools Programs

Commercial landscape contractors will tell you outstanding landscape design requires passion – passion for the environment and ecological issues; passion for a community’s spirit; passion for architecture and design. Passion alone, however, isn’t enough. Passion needs to be funneled and honed into an education that includes hands-on training and intensive learning. Read more.

The Top Ten Electrician Trade Schools & Programs

With an increasing demand for commercial electrical contractors, it’s important for individuals to be aware of the electrician trade schools that provide quality classroom knowledge as well as practical hands-on applications. These schools provide the essential hands-on applications of an apprenticeship, while offering a classroom setting to study electrical theories and systems and become familiar with the National Electronic Code standards. Read more.

The Top Construction Contractor Training Programs

In a day and age when earning a Bachelor’s degree is no guarantee of a job, more and more job seekers are pursuing trade certifications and training. One such trade, and one that will never lack for a market, is construction. There are hundreds of institutions across the United States where commercial construction contractors can get started. Here are some of the top training programs for individuals hoping to land employment as commercial construction contractors: Read more.