Fixxbook Visits CFESA Fall Conference in Colorado Springs

Increasing Visibility for Commercial Food Service Contractors: By Dan Farmer

This fall my travels took me to Colorado Springs for the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association’s (CFESA) Fall Conference. The conference was hosted at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, and as far as facilities go for hosting a conference, it was fantastic. From the view to the amenities, I could not have been happier. Well, perhaps a few more days to have enjoyed it, but that’s another story.

This conference was an important one for Fixxbook, as CFESA recently signed up for a Fixxbook Private Network  to not only manage their association, but also to capitalize on the opportunities for getting their membership of commercial food service contractors more work. In speaking with the members, there is still some perception that we are a third-party facilitator, so it was nice to explain to them directly that we are an independent contractor management system, helping our clients to source and communicate with self-performing commercial contractors directly. I was able to do this case-by-case and also during my presentation to the general assembly.

In full disclosure, I was a member of CFESA for over 10 years in my previous job at Commercial Parts & Service, and also sat on the Board of Directors for 3 years. It was what I learned about commercial contractor management during my time with the association that led me to the current role I have here at Fixxbook and ServiceChannel. I know the role that technology can play in advancing CFESA and helping to deal with the complexities of the industry.

Finding CFESA “Factory-Authorized” Manufacturers with Fixxbook’s Commercial Contractor Directory

During the CFESA Marketing Committee meeting, we discussed how to use the Fixxbook commercial contractor directory to source local “Factory Authorized” servicers and also the other CFESA servicers in their area. This idea is very exciting and has fantastic potential for ensuring that end-users are directed to the manufacturer-recommended servicer in their area that carries OEM parts. It is also a great service for CFESA servicers to give them added value of belonging to CFESA.

Online Marketing Key for Commercial Contractors & Servicers

Another role I had the luxury to play at the conference was that of speaker in a rotating workshop. The workshop I ran was “Capitalizing on your Web Presence,” a contractor online marketing workshop. I have to say, I’ve never had more fun delivering a presentation to an audience. I kicked PowerPoint to the curb (no offense, Microsoft) and held an entirely live, web-based presentation. It allowed me to take the audience in whatever direction the room wanted, and I really enjoyed it. We made the connection that your web presence is, in essence, your “brick and mortar” now. Because so many people make a purchasing decision simply on your web presence, commercial contractors can’t afford not to spend time and resources managing it.

All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable time that held incredible promise for the future. I’m excited to dive in and help CFESA build their Private Network with the Fixxbook contractor management system, and I look forward to seeing where they will take it. Already looking forward to the next spring conference in Orlando!

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