Commercial Contractor Jobs: How to Improve Your Resume

Commercial contractors need impressive, well-written resumes to convince companies to use their services. A poorly-written, disorganized resume means almost certain disqualification from most large commercial maintenance and repair jobs. Fortunately, creating a resume that shows the contractor to his best advantage is not difficult. Effective resumes focus on the contractor’s strengths and emphasize how he can help the client. The key elements of a persuasive resume for obtaining commercial contractor jobs include the following:

Contact Info:

Give your contact information at the top of the resume so the client won’t have to hunt for it. List the information in this order:

  • Name
  • Street Address, City, State and Zip Code
  • Home Phone
  • Cell Phone
  • E-mail

Qualifications and Skills:

The contractor should list any relevant skills he possesses in addition to focusing on the strengths of his business. This section should focus on the following:

  • The specific type of work the business excels in
  • The contractor’s managerial skills
  • The business’ ability to complete projects on time and within the budget
  • The contractor’s professional reputation
  • The contractor’s safety record
  • A list of any relevant trade or professional organization to which the contractor belongs


This section needs to highlight the contractor’s professional history with an emphasis on these points:

  • A list of successfully completed recent projects
  • The target market for the contractor
  • Any awards or citations the business has received for doing good work
  • The professional experience of the contractor, including any relevant previous employment


This portion of the resume will list the contact information of previous clients. The contractor should be sure to get the clients approval before listing their names.


This part showcases positive reviews from satisfied clients. The contractor should approach his previous clients and ask them to give a positive recommendation which he can use. The testimonial should not be long, just a sentence or two that expresses the client’s satisfaction with how the contractor performed the job. Any positive recognition from larger companies should take precedence, since they are more likely to impress potential new clients.

Licenses and Training:

Any special licenses or training the contractor has received from the government or relevant private organizations should be listed in this section.

Another consideration that comes into play when someone seeking commercial contractor jobs prepares a resume is keywords. These are words that clients search for on the internet when looking for contractor, and they are an important consideration if the resume will be posted online. If these words are in a particular resume, then the potential client is more likely to see it. The contractor should think carefully about what words or phrase a client is most likely to enter into a search field when looking for a qualified contractor. He should then sprinkle these words and phrases into the text of his resume in an unforced way.

Commercial contractor jobs are not easy to get, but the contractor with a strong resume on their Fixxbook profile has an advantage over the competition. By listing your contact info, website, services & resume on Fixxbook, contractors are able to increase their chances of finding work and making successful partnerships. Find out more in our How it Works section.

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