Commercial Contractor Work: How to Prioritize Your Jobs

When it comes to commercial contractor work, an important element of success is to learn how to prioritize your jobs. If you can successfully handle multiple jobs and organize them proficiently, you’ll make your clients happy and improve your bottom-line, along with your reputation.

Under-promise, Over-deliver

This is probably a concept that you’re familiar with in one way or another. For commercial contractor work, this is a great way to make sure that your priorities stay straight, so that you refrain from making promises you end up not being able to keep. Whether you have a small job or large one, add a little time to your estimate. This will do two things: 1) if any issues arise, such as a subcontractor being late to a job, you will have plenty of extra time to fix the problem, and 2) when you finish the job earlier than expected, your client will love you for it.

Don’t Overbook Jobs, But Don’t Allow for Downtime, Either

This can be a tricky one, especially if you’re on your own or have only one or two other contractors working with you. However, it is also a very important element to prioritizing your work, because making a mistake either way can hurt your business and your future prospects.

First of all, avoid overbooking. If jobs overlap, you might find it difficult to keep your commitments. However, you’ll also want to avoid having too much downtime. Basically, it is important that you prioritize your jobs in such a way that once you’ve finished with one job, another starts soon after. As noted above, this can be taxing sometimes, especially when dealing with a very small crew. But with some practice and a little know-how, you’ll soon find yourself effortlessly moving from one job to the next.

Basic Organizational Skills Go a Long Way

This is especially true as your business grows. The more commercial contractor work you do, the more organized you’ll want to become. Gone are the days of being a start-up where you can simply “wing it.” Once you reach a certain size, being organized enables you to prioritize your jobs.

Organization can encapsulate a number of things. It could be something simple like labeled files for each client and color-coding for jobs that are more of a priority than others. Investing in invoicing and database software will help keep everything organized as you grow. Some solutions available on the market right now are extremely advanced when it comes to prioritizing and organizing your commercial contractor work, and the cost is very reasonable. ServiceChannel, for instance, provides a variety of e-tools to manage your contractor and subcontractor networks online including FixxbookPlusTM for business documents and Fixxbook Private NetworkTM for managing large groups of partners who are geographically dispersed.

Communication Goes Hand-in-Hand with Prioritization

If you really want to prioritize your commercial contractor work, communication is a key element in doing so. When you take on a job, you must be sure that you communicate with both your clients and your employees. This is true whether you’re a three man operation or are managing fifty contractors at once. Online contractor directories, such as, enable contractors to have an online profile containing all of their credentials and qualifications. This profile can be shared with clients and prospects as needed, which streamlines the communication process, while reducing administrative busy work.

How does communication help jobs to be prioritized? Quite simply, by communicating every facet of a given project, your jobs will stay on track. This allows you prioritize which jobs, or which components of each job, should be completed in a specific manner. As for communicating with your clients, a good rule of thumb is to call or e-mail them, as requested, with the day’s agenda. Then, at the end of the day, follow up in the same way. Not every client will require this, but by doing so for those who do, you are ensuring that each job is prioritized in a way that will benefit both you and the client.

So, now you know how to manage your jobs, let Fixxbook help you start booking them. When you register at a trusted contractor directory like Fixxbook, you can get found faster by prospective clients and be visible to the national facilities world for free. Find out more in our How it Works section.

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