Finding a Contractor: Commercial HVAC Contractor Liability Insurance Requirements

Every commercial HVAC contractor is required to hold a license and a certain amount of liability insurance, a law put in place to protect consumers from fraudulent behaviors. No one wants to feel taken advantage of, and unfortunately there are those who do and will con even the wary. The best way to protect yourself as a facilities manager is be well-informed.

How To Verify Your HVAC Contractor’s Legitimacy

To find a commercial HVAC contractor that is in compliance, keep in mind these guidelines:

  • When you hire a contractor who does not have insurance, the facilities manager will be held liable for any injuries, accidents or property damage.
  • Before hiring your contractor, become familiar with the licensing terminology and requirements for your state. Many states will not insure an uncertified, or unlicensed contractor.
  • Ask your contractor directly what liability insurance provider he carries, and verify the policy.

License Requirements Differ Between States

For example:

  • In Wisconsin a contractor’s license is called HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) Credentials,
  • In Michigan it is a Mechanical Contractors License,
  • In Florida it is a Certified Contractors License,
  • In Virginia it is known as a Trade License.

In every state, a test is involved in order to procure an HVAC license and/or certification, along with documentation of experience and of projects completed.

Protect Yourself Through the Better Business Bureau

It is often helpful to contact your local Better Business Bureau when looking to find a contractor in your locality. In order to ensure the good reputation of the commercial HVAC contractor you hire, a little background checking can save worry, concern and doubt. If anyone is out there duping your neighbors, chances are good it has been reported and is on file with the BBB.

Another way to check on your potential contractor is to visit, as this site lists the state by state licensing requirements and makes it possible to search for the name of the contractor you are considering hiring in order to discover what licenses they currently hold.

Alternative Contractor Management Systems

Smart business owners manage their contractors with services like Fixxbook, which can help facilities managers verify contracting licenses and post information on each business owner or contractor before allowing them to advertise on the site.

Those who register with contractor management sites like Fixxbook can easily find contractors, verify their expertise and qualifications, and maintain compliance

This global service provides an avenue for any mutual benefit contractor or service vendor to expand networks globally. Connections and verifications can be assessed for anyone registered at this database.

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