The Top Construction Contractor Training Programs

In a day and age when earning a Bachelor’s degree is no guarantee of a job, more and more job seekers are pursuing trade certifications and training. One such trade, and one that will never lack for a market, is construction. There are hundreds of institutions across the United States where commercial construction contractors can get started. Here are some of the top training programs for individuals hoping to land employment as commercial construction contractors:

10 Best Commercial Construction Training Programs

  1. Iowa State University. To start, one need look no further than Iowa State. Located in Ames, Iowa, this university is renowned for having the largest construction engineering program in the United States.
  2. North Carolina State University, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, is ranked by the Princeton Review as one of the 376 top universities in the United States and offers degrees in a wide range of trades. They also offer business and management classes for those looking to step beyond construction and to become more involved in the business side.
  3. Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois is another great place to start. Offering both an undergraduate construction program, as well as a graduate program for those looking to go into civil engineering with a construction concentration, the university was ranked sixth in a 2012 report of Midwestern universities. Statistics show that over ninety percent of their graduates find work in under six months of their graduation date.
  4. Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon has a primary focuses in research and outreach, making this university and excellent place for connections and for teachers and educators who are well-versed in their trades.
  5. University of Texas. Located in Austin, TX, enrollment in UT’s construction engineering program is limited to fifty students. This ensures students can take advantage of small classrooms, and that only the most talented and hardworking of students will be admitted.
  6. University of North Texas. Another university in Texas well worth exploring, the University of North Texas is perfect for those looking for a more accessible environment. Located in Denton, TX, this public university boasts a vast faculty network of trained professionals.
  7. California State University Long Beach. This California university requires its students to have fieldwork experience before being admitted into their construction training program. Cal State Long Beach is a great place for those who have been working in the trade and want to broaden their horizons.
  8. University of Washington in Seattle, Washington offers trade programs taught in small classrooms. Their student to faculty ratio is 12 to 1, which guarantees students one on one work with their professors and teachers. They were also ranked 42nd in the United States in U.S. News and World Report’s list of best national universities.
  9. Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona focuses on building in an environmentally-conscious manner. It’s a great choice for those looking to explore environmentally-friendly avenues of construction building.
  10. University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma has another prestigious, competitive program with only fifteen open spaces for construction engineering students each year.

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