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Contractor management refers to an integrated strategy aimed at attaining the best value and service from a contractor. It facilitates the mitigation of losses, increase in service quality and regulation of costs. It is essential since it enables one to establish a relationship with their contractor which translates to the strengthening of both their enterprises. This is done through constant communication with the contractors. It aids in quick resolution of issues that might arise and in the increase of client satisfaction. Business and facility managers depend on contractor companies to render and uphold high quality services.  This necessitates the need for an effective contractor management system.

Contractor management process

Selection of contractors

This entails the analysis of business requisites, exploration for potential contractors, selection of the best contractor and negotiation of a contract. Before selecting a contractor, one needs to take into consideration their expertise and the terms of their contract.  He should carry out an extensive search for contractors. This should be followed by the compilation of a list of those contractors that fit his requirements. In addition, he should narrow down the list to those who he wants more information on and request them for the information. On receiving the information requested for, he should review it and select the best fit contractor.

Contract negotiation

This involves the drawing up of a contract between the two parties and negotiating its terms. The facilities manager should avoid restrictive relationships, long-term contracts and those with severe penalties. Instead of long-term contracts, he should negotiate for short-term contracts with renewal options. However, he or she should have an open mind and agree to some of the requests the contractor makes since this portrays good faith. It also shows willingness to come up with a mutually satisfactory contract.

Monitoring the performance of the contractor

This involves ensuring that the contractor honors the terms of your contract and executes their responsibility effectively. It ensures that critical business requirements are dealt with efficiently.

Constant communication

This is essential to establish and maintain an effective channel of communication with the contractor. It allows one to convey to the contractor changes they should make and any new matters that arise.  This aids in the avoidance of misconceptions and in dealing with issues proactively before they turn into problems.

Contractor management systems

Contractor management systems are applications used by enterprises in the procurement and management of their workforce. They aid enterprises in improving the management of their compliance, efficiency, risk and spending.  This is done by providence of a more visible workforce. They aid managers in the selection of the right contractors, determination of the necessary number of contractors, categorization of the contractors ensuring the right contracts, establishment of the most appropriate vender management approach and mitigation of risks. They also enable the improvement of control of costs and the efficiency of operations.  In addition, they enable managers to attain smoothness in the process of managing and optimizing their contracts with the contractors. Managers are also enabled to oversee the companies they contract expeditiously and effectively.   This enables them to deliver results that are effective and measurable.

Contractor management systems such as ServiceClick (for work orders) and Fixxbook (for business credentials) are essential since they enable the optimal management, development and control of contractor relationships, contracts and performance. This translates to increased efficiency in the service delivery. Furthermore, it facilitates the achievement of the enterprises goals, avoidance of service delivery failure, minimization of probable disturbances and increasing the sustainability of multi-sourcing.  All this is done while still attaining the best quality services from contractors. For more information visit the How it Works page.

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