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Commercial Contractors: Get work from leading facilities brands.

Whether it’s facilities managers looking for national, regional, or local contractors or national maintenance
organizations looking for sub-contractors, they’ll find you faster on Fixxbook.

It’s easy and free to join.

Fixxbook is a free commercial contractor directory. Contractors simply join and create your free profile page to showcase your trade expertise, geographic service area, company background and other important business information to the facilities industry. Here’s how:

ServiceChannel contractors take note: If you’re currently using ServiceChannel for one or more of your clients, you’ll automatically receive a “Connected Contractor” badge displayed in your profile along with a summary of your SC experience. This will help other ServiceChannel facilities clients know that you are “plugged into” the SC platform and help them to identify and consider you for more work.

After you completely fill out your free Fixxbook contractor profile, your page is visible to clients searching for contractors who match your trade expertise and geographic service area.

Complete your entire profile and give new business more ways to find you.

Filling out your complete contractor profile provides prospective clients with advanced search options that will lead them to your profile in a variety of ways:

Matched Search:€“ Matches facilities managers with contractors based on more detailed information and
specific performance criteria. (Includes business credentials, insurance documents, tax forms, licenses,
references letters, labor rates, etc.)

Private Network Invites:€“ National brands are using Fixxbook right now to invite contractors to join their private vendor networks.

Contractors with fully completed profiles receive extra benefits such as online document management and alerts which:

Save contractors valuable time by enabling all important business documents (W-9′s, insurance information, rates, licenses, direct deposit info, etc.) to be uploaded to “the cloud” for fast, easy access by interested parties (clients & prospects).

Ensures, agreements, warranty and legal compliance:€“ Time-sensitive documents such as licenses,
certifications and equipment training are automatically monitored for currency alerting all interested parties
when expiration dates are pending.

Public profile: Vanity URL is included for contractors to display their enhanced profile worldwide.

Badges:€“ Contractors, get the recognition you deserve by displaying searchable badges showing your
certifications and accreditations. These are visible by prospective clients.
Read more about Badges

Why spend time filling out your entire profile?

Only contractors with a fully completed profile will be eligible to:

  • Receive invitations from facilities clients and prospects to join private vendor networks
  • Receive RFX’s from facilities clients and prospect using Private Network
  • Display the Private Network badge showing prospects how many client networks you’re a member of
  • Display a badge showing your XML connection to ServiceChannel (only contractors having his connection can receive badge) – Learn why you want this
  • Provide data via one connection to multiple client platforms
  • Have your contractor profile optimized for higher search ranking
  • Take advantage of Fixxbook Tradesmen – our tool for managing HR and credentials of
    your mechanics / technicians
  • Display your overall Fixxbook score badge – promoting your level of profile completion
  • Engage the Fixxbook marketing team for consulting services
  • Download forms from the Fixxbook business library
  • Access Fixxbook Group Insurance plans