Contractor Testimonials

“We like ServiceChannel a lot, we recommend it to everybody.”

Bill Apple
Building Air Services

“Easiest portal to use in the industry!”

Bill Schaphorst

“When companies ask us, those who are considering a new technology, we always recommend ServicecChannel. We also get a lot of new work through ServiceChannel.”

Charisse Luckey
Roto-Rooter Services Company

“ServiceChannel is actually better than advertising. We’ve been with ServiceChannel since the beginning and have gotten more customers from Fixxbook that any other part of the business. We’ve even recommended ServiceChannel to our clients outside of the retail and restaurant industries… We see ServiceChannel as a selling point for our business.”

James Bridges
ACS Commercial Services LLC

“For us, ServiceChannel has always been more of a partner. They don’t get in the way of us and our business. Another thing is that they listen.”

Jason Jost
Integra Service Group, Inc.

“We like to be the one’s to talk to the client, we don’t like to have other people in between. When we do something wrong, we want them to know. When we do something right, or great, we want the client to know it was us. ServiceChannel enables this to happen.”

John Crowell
CMS Mechanical Service

“Every work order that goes through our system goes through ServiceChannel.”

Liz Davidson
Commercial Services

“We use different work order programs and ServiceChannel is absolutely the best one.”

Steve Stone
P.R.O.S. (Professional Retail Outlet Services)

“As a holding company of seven international maintenance brands in residential and commercial services, Private Network is an invaluable tool for us to manage and monitor all of our franchise and subcontractor information across North America.”

The Dwyer Group

“As the world’s largest junk removal service, with approximately 200 locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia, managing everyone’s business information is challenging. ServiceChannel’s Private Network gives us a single window to monitor our enterprise and maintain brand compliance worldwide.”