Private Network for Contractors –
A Powerful Tool to Source and Manage Compliance of Subcontractors


It’s difficult for contractors to show that they are reducing risk and eliminating liability for their clients by effectively managing the credentials of their subcontractor network, which may include the use of verified diverse suppliers. This is because of the high costs associated with capturing, monitoring and verifying all of their subcontractors’ business information and credentials.


ServiceChannel Private Network (ServiceChannel PN) for contractors simplifies the process of collecting, exchanging and keeping current business information about your subcontractors including W-9’s, insurance information, rates, licenses, and direct deposit. Contractors can manage and monitor all of this information from one online workspace and make it visible to clients and prospects so they can focus less on paperwork and more on service work.


Reduce Risk: You’ll never be at risk of deploying a subcontractor who is unlicensed and uninsured or out of compliance. My Alerts let’s you know when an expiration date is coming up, ensuring that agreements, warranty and legal compliance are up-to-date.

Reduce Costs: Have all subcontractor insurance documents on-hand and in one place, ready for audit. Subcontractors must update their own info through the system so no more chasing documents.

Manage: Private Network is your virtual file cabinet for keeping all important business information in one place for easy access by clients and prospects.

Monitor: Capture and manage the expertise and credentials of your individual tradesmen (“talent”) as well as set up alerts for all subcontractor compliance so you’re notified when a subcontractor’s documents are about to expire or they fall out of compliance.

Find Quality Subs: Find and manage quality subcontractors. Search by trade and geographic service area and start expanding your network today.


  • Monitor Company Credentials
    Private Network enables you to make this info available to those who need it, quickly and easily: insurances forms • licenses • certifications, accreditations • tax forms/W9 • associations, affiliations • recommendations/references
  • Monitor Your Subs Compliance and Minimize Risk
    My Alerts tracks: expiration of certifications • insurances • licenses • trade credentials • financial status
  • Staff Credential Tracking

    My Tradesmen manages all staff and subcontractor credentials including: training and experience • education • licenses • certifications

My Tradesmen provides contractors with a platform to easily access and share detailed tradesmen credentials with interested service buyers.

What is it

ServiceChannel’s Private Network for Contractors helps commercial service companies manage their business and their subcontractors more efficiently

Who’s it for

Commercial Contractors who are self-performing and/or subcontracting

What Contractors Are Saying About PN

“As a holding company of seven international maintenance brands in residential and commercial services, Private Network is an invaluable tool for us to manage and monitor all of our franchise and subcontractor information across North America.”
The Dwyer Group

“As the world’s largest junk removal service, with approximately 200 locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia, managing everyone’s business information is challenging. ServiceChannel’s Private Network gives us a single window to monitor our enterprise and maintain brand compliance worldwide.”

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