Electrical Contractor Exam: How to Pass & Gain Certification

Passing the electrical contractor exam is the final step toward being able to secure employment as an electrician. This test is extremely difficult and has a high rate of failure for first-time takers. In order to increase the odds of passing on the first attempt, applicants will need to develop a rigid study plan to ensure a successful outcome.

Take a Prep Course

A prep course can be a great way to prepare for a licensing exam. These courses are sometimes offered at local community colleges, or they could also be held online. When signing up for a prep course, students should ensure that the course of instruction is tailored to their state, as licensing requirements vary. Taking a prep course could provide students with study material and practical exercises that can help them excel whenever testing time rolls around.

Register for the Exam

After successfully passing a prep course, the next step should be to register for the electrical contractor exam with a state licensing bureau. Upon doing so, this state licensing board should be able to recommend study guides to use in order to prepare for it. Study guides should be specific for the state and level being tested, as it wouldn’t be helpful for a master electrician to study material intended for a journeyman to use. Study guides may be available at a local library, bookstore, or online.

Take a Practice Test

Practice tests can be a great way to study for the electrical contractor exam because often times some of the practice questions also appear on the actual exam. Other times, questions may be strikingly similar to those found on contractor tests. The benefit of taking practice exams is that users are able to see their scores immediately after doing so. Since they are able to take the test multiple times, it is easy for people to keep up with their progress. A few good resources for practice tests include:

  • Electrician’s Exam: Has thousands of questions, and also allows individuals to choose questions from a particular category so they can focus on their weakest areas.
  • Home Prep:  Contains questions that were designed by National Contractors Pre-Licensing Services. Users will need to sign up for an account in order to access the free practice tests.
  • Electrician2: Has a variety of short quizzes consisting of multiple choice questions designed to help those who are taking the test for the first time as well as those needing a refresher.

Prepare for the Test

It’s important to be well prepared when the day finally comes to take the electrical contractor exam. This means being well-rested the night before and eating a hearty breakfast the morning of the test. It’s essential to arrive on time, as late arrivals risk the possibility of being turned away. As a result, individuals should know where the test is being held and plan plenty of time to get there. They’ll also need scratch paper, two sharpened pencils with erasers, and a calculator. Each individual should know if there are any special requirements such as photo identification that’s needed for a particular state exam.

Passing the electrical contractor exam takes a great deal of preparation and hard work. Those who are successful can not only be proud of their accomplishments, but also be on their way to joining an exciting career field.

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