Electrical Estimating: Software for Contractors to Help With Scheduling Jobs

After you find the right job, there is still the issue of trying to estimate what that job is worth. All of that paperwork can be a hassle but with the right software tool it will make things that much simpler. Below is a list of electrical estimating software for contractors considered some of the best on the market. These are all reviewed on Softwareadvice.com

Maxwell Systems Estimation Software

  • Has a number of options for generating estimates and takeoff such as mechanical, residential and commercial plumbing, HVAC, and electrical
  • Features Excel integration, visual assemblies, proposal generators, and a historical database.
  • Also features integration with a Rigid Digitizer or Rollup Digitizer

1st Choice Electrical Estimating Software

  • Allows estimates for residential and commercial
  • Includes DigiCount Takeoff Pro
  • Easy to learn and easy to use

Sage Estimating Software

  • Integration of Excel and RS Means
  • Features a standard version, as well as an extended version
  • Pre-built databases that can be customized

On-Screen Takeoff Professional Software

  • Includes takeoff and estimating applications for commercial contractors only
  • The takeoff application includes on screen takeoff, CAD file integration, digitizer integration, and 2D takeoff.
  • The estimating application includes Excel integration and a cost database.

McCormick Electrical Estimating Software

  • Award-winning software recognized by NECA
  • Software geared for commercial, industrial, and residential electrical contractors
  • Holds a number of databases including fiber optics, surveillance, fire alarm, and electrical systems
  • Capable of on screen estimating, CAD, and change order tracking
  • Usable by one or by hundreds or even thousands

Accubid Electrical Estimating Software

  • Offers cost estimating and digital plan takeoff
  • Key features are the digitizer integration, 2D takeoff, automatic scaling, and CAD file integration
  • It also provides integration with a number of other electrical pricing software
  • Designed for electrical and teledata contractors for construction and industrial work

Electrical Bid Manager Estimating Software

  • Can handle small jobs and large ones equally well
  • Features conversion calculators, on-screen takeoff, proposal generators, and conceptual estimates
  • Offers 3 different editions so that the contractors and choose the edition that works well for them

Red Rhino Electrical Estimating Software

  • Offers integrated capabilities for estimating, takeoff, bid management, project management, and customer management
  • It is a web-based system that is best suited for small to medium sized contractors
  • Paid as a monthly subscription
  • Because it is web-based there are a number of options that are not available anywhere else including videos and program Wizards for faster input

These software programs are some of the best but they are not the only ones out there. The hardest part of finding the right software is getting started.

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