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FixxbookPN helps Equipment Manufacturers grow and manage your factory authorized service network while increasing your brand visibility to the facilities management industry.

Manage your ASA’s (Authorized Service Agents)

FixxbookPN is your virtual file cabinet for keeping all your ASA’s important business information in one place for easy access from any computer or smart phone:

  • Insurances forms
  • Licenses
  • Certifications
  • Accreditation
  • Tax forms/ W9
  • Associations/ Affiliations
  • Recommendations/ References

Manage risk

FixxbookPN alerts you about important events and potential breaches in compliance.

  • Warranties & Certifications – ensure that only factory authorized contractors and tradesmen are working on your equipment to avoid voiding warranties.

Manage your “talent pool” of existing factory authorized service technicians.

  • Log and track certifications by company AND by technician – ensure that your training dollars are staying with your ASA’s.
  • Privacy controls – ASAs can securely share their tradesmen credentials while keeping tradesmen identities private.

Grow your factory authorized service network.

FixxbookPN enables you to send targeted messages to every contractor in Fixxbook to communicate equipment training opportunities and increase your service footprint. In addition, Fixxbook’s badging system incentivizes members to enhance their profiles by displaying more training.

Increase your brand’s visibility.

With FixxbookPN for Manufacturers, each one of your ASAs will have your brand displayed in their Certifications section making your Factory Trained and Authorized Service Network visible to hundreds of retail and chain foodservice operators customers.

  • When your ASA is viewed in other PN’s, your brand will be highly visible.

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