Manage Contractor Compliance and Credentials
with Private Network

Without having a compliance process or technology, companies will lose 30-40 percent of negotiated savings to process leakage.- Strategic Sourcing article, PRSM Magazine

ServiceChannel Private Network (ServiceChannel PN) is our contractor credentialing and compliance management solution that streamlines and simplifies the process of collecting, exchanging and monitoring important service level agreements as well as other business information from your contractors including W-9′s, insurance information, rates, licenses, direct deposit and other business information.

Features include:

Managed Invitations start the process.

All new and existing contractors are sent an invitation to register with a link to your Custom Private Network website. New contractors answer a series of pre-screening questions, input basic business information and accept your policies and all of your specific business requirements online.

Register, credential, and monitor critical contractor data.

ServiceChannel PN captures self-reported data about your contractor’s business and its representatives. It performs a number of validation processes to monitor changes to contractor statuses including certificates of insurance and license expiration. Proactive email alerts and notification flags are used to communicate non-compliance to both the client and contractors. We also offer third-party verification programs for enhanced levels of risk management.

Analyze and compare contractor performance with real-time scorecard and feedback data.

With ServiceChannel PN, facility managers using ServiceClick can view individual contractor performance against their service level agreements as well as qualitative feedback from location staff on contractor performance. Furthermore, negative feedback beyond a set threshold results in automatic escalation procedures according to the client’s established business rules.

Connect with other facility managers using ServiceChannel to obtain trusted contractor referrals.

ServiceChannel PN brings social networking technology to facility managers, enabling private requests for contractor referrals. All requests are peer-to-peer and accepted or rejected solely at the discretion of the facility manager receiving the request.