Facility Managers Can Now Search for Contractors by Profile Score!

A few months ago, Fixxbook released “Profile Scores” for all Contractor profiles on Fixxbook. This score appearing in a tiny green box calculates the completion of every profile. This score is used by Facility Managers searching for contractors on Fixxbook as a kind of measuring stick to see how engaged a contractor is with the platform.

A recent upgrade to Fixxbook now allows Facility Managers to search for contractors based specifically on their Profile Score. So what do these new search improvements mean for you, the Contractor? If your profile is full and regularly updated then it means more business! If your profile score is lacking, try some of these helpful tips to improve your score:


  • Be as thorough and complete as you can in filling out your profile.
  • Make sure to look for a green check mark next to every section of your profile to ensure it has been entirely completed.
  • Even if a section does not apply to you, having a “Not Applicable” filled out will improve your score.
  • Include your insurance documentation and any licenses you may have. This information remains private until you are invited to join a Private Network and are sent Work Orders.
  • Include multiple references.
  • Try out Fixxbook’s Tradesmen and show off your employees’ special skills.
  • Reach out to groups that add value to your industry. Facility Managers are looking for well credentialed contractors, more associations and certification badges always help.

Good luck with building your profile and we hope you see the benefits soon. If you have any questions about improving your Profile Score or any other facet of Fixxbook, drop us a note at support@fixxbook.com.



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