Helping Facility Managers Find A Contractor: How to Market Yourself

Facility managers searching for high quality service providers often find themselves struggling to locate quality professionals that offer the needed services in a reliable, consistent manner. This can lead to frustration and wasted time, with the tendency to settle for contractors that do not offer the best quality of services – simply because they can be found.

Contractors that are interested in finding work will need to put effort and attention into marketing themselves to facility managers in order to make themselves visible and attractive in prospective clients. This can be one of the greatest challenges of being a contractor, but once handled properly it will bring these professionals into connection with the facility managers that need them.

Effective marketing can:

  • Increase frequency of work
  • Gain contractors more reputable, higher-paying work
  • Develop relationships with managers that may permit repeat work
  • Enhance contractors’ reputations within the market

There are many ways that contractors can market themselves to prospective managers within their industry. Some of these options include:

Trade Shows

Participating in trade shows and conventions can be a fantastic way for a contractor to quickly gain exposure to a large number of facility managers and other related professionals. These trade shows often span several days and involve setting up a booth and offering information in the form of brochures, reference lists, and other relevant items. This is not necessarily the most personal of options, as contractors will likely encounter hundreds of people in a short period of time, but it is a good way for facilities managers to find a contractor and also a good way for the contractor to get his name known in his industry.


Most industry magazines allow contractors to run personal marketing advertisements, which can put them in front of many relevant people in a consistent manner This form of marketing requires contractors to provide contact details in addition to basic work information so that facility managers are able to identify those contractors that may provide the services they need and contact them for further information.

Email Marketing

This type of direct marketing can be rather time-consuming but also quite effective. Contractors can develop a marketing campaign that illustrates their talents and experience and send mailers to facility managers that may be in need of their specific services currently or in the future.

Online Marketing – Fixxbook

For facilities repair and maintenance contractors the key to finding work is staying visible and accessible to prospects looking for new partners. Fixxbook is an online community that facilitates relationships between contractors and facilities managers by enabling contractors to develop a business profile that showcases their particular expertise, experience, educational and training background, geographic location, and other pertinent information. This profile “lives” in an online commercial contractor directory so that facilities managers can quickly and easily search applicable profiles, review the information, and then select the contractor that they feel would be the best fit for the position.

Contractors can select the free registration option that offers the basic profile service and inclusion in the searchable directory, or upgrade to FixxbookPlus which provides more advanced options that allow contractors to engage with facilities managers  on a deeper level and make themselves even more visible to prospective employers. The advanced option allows a Matched Search option, invitation capability and document management that facilitates smoother, faster, and more professional engagement between contractor and manager.

To learn more about marketing your business on Fixxbook visit how it works.

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