Fixxbook at NECA Convention 2012

By Dan Farmer

As part of our ongoing effort to bring more highly-trained contractors to Fixxbook, we were fortunate enough to not only exhibit at, but to also make a presentation at the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas. This show, and this alliance with NECA, is a key piece of our goal to partner with leading associations for each of the trades our contractors represent.

NECA is a fantastic association to be partnered with for our clients looking for quality electrical contractors. They have 119 chapters, and growing, that are responsible for ensuring the highest standards for the electrical trade. NECA companies are a bit different from other trades in that they are tightly associated with the electrical trade union, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

NECA October 2012 | Fixxbook | Dan Farmer

NECA October 2012 Dan Farmer & Michele Burke

Dan Farmer delivered his presentation to a select audience of chapter directors, business owners and vendor suppliers. We got some great feedback, and left with a feeling that the attendees were excited about the opportunities that Fixxbook makes available to highly-trained contractors. Likewise, we felt NECA is a fantastic opportunity for the Tradesmen piece of Fixxbook.

Fixxbook Tradesmen is a feature that allows our users to catalog the training and credentials of each electrician. This is important because many of NECA members work on bid projects and often have to hire, short term per contract, very specific expertise and training. With Tradesmen, these contractors will have the potential to search out electricians specifically by a training or certification they have, making the process for finding the right person for the job easy.

In walking the floor and attending break-out sessions, we encountered a lot of curiosity about our software and how it works. It’s not surprising that many were also concerned about the costs associated, which is why we were happy to inform them that there are no costs for contractors. Other people had questions about the Private Network and what it could do for them – and when they could expect to get work from it.

Over the course of the week, we learned that this was an audience that can take advantage of our software while at the same time providing a true value to our clients. We will continue to work with NECA to explore these opportunities. We want great associations that believe in high standards and training to be a big part of our database.

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