Fixxbook Joins Restaurant Facility Management Association to Increase Its Commitment to the Restaurant Industry

Provides RFMA members with access to a unique online marketplace to find and manage restaurant service contractors.

New York, NY – Fixxbook, the web’€™s fastest growing online facilities management marketplace, became one of the newest members of the Restaurant Facilities Management Association (RFMA). Fixxbook provides retail and restaurants facilities managers with a variety of web-based tools to procure, manage and ensure compliance of commercial contractors. There are currently over 25,000 contractors listed on Fixxbook, with leading restaurant chains among its clients.

“We share RFMA’€™s vision to promote the advancement of the restaurant facility management professional€” says Eric Schechter, President of Fixxbook. “€œBy joining RFMA, we hope to gain valuable insights that will help us to create a more valuable toolset for the restaurant facilities industry.”

The pressure on restaurant facility managers to find the right contracting partner has never been greater. And with working equipment being mission critical to a restaurant’€™s operation and success, there’€™s no effective way to quickly find and manage quality contractors. By using Fixxbook, facility managers can search for contractors by specialty trades and geographic service areas as well as by certifications and industry associations. In addition, they can use Fixxbook to build a private network of contractors where all critical business documentation is stored and compliance is managed.

About Fixxbook (
Fixxbook provides facility managers with a single online platform to procure, manage and ensure compliance of facilities maintenance contractor. Fixxbook’s mission is to catalog the knowledge of every commercial contractor in the world, making it easy for the facilities management industry to efficiently build and manage a solid vendor network from anywhere.

About RFMA (
The mission of RFMA is to advance industry awareness of restaurant facility management, while promoting professional and ethical standards to serve the customer with added value. Core values are a small set of timeless, guiding principles that do not require external justification. They only have intrinsic value and importance to RFMA and its members. Core values are so fundamental that they seldom change – if at all. They define the behavior required in order for the organization to achieve its core purpose.

RFMA’s core purpose is to promote the advancement of the restaurant facility management professional.

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