Fixxbook’s 2013 Global Initiative

A few of our international clients, and some of our U.S. based clients who were doing business globally, have come to us over the last couple years and said, “We love your software. We love how it’s working in U.S. and Canada. We want to put it in our stores in Europe.” That’s what initially drove us to become an international company. It is because of these clients that our software is now in 24 countries. In some countries we had to convert the dashboard and the interface into the local language. It’s been challenging, but it’s up and running in 24 countries.

As part of our 2013 initiative, we’ve created a team in London and have set the stage for new clients in Europe. Our Vice President of Operations is based in Amsterdam, and the business is growing. We are a new business model in Europe; we are pioneers because we’re offering a software solution specifically for the repair and maintenance of retail and restaurant establishments.

So far, the acceptance rate has not disappointed. People are ready to step outside the box and into our understanding of the way retailers and restaurant chains are doing business today. Currently, we have 4 new clients in Europe using our software, with an eye towards rapid expansion. We expect to see our Europe, Middle East and Africa Division continue to grow and blossom into a big part of our company going forward.

Our contractor recruiting effort is also global. We want to make sure we have the resources for new clients to source to contractors for their global operations. We’re currently in contact with different trade associations, organizations, and licensing bureaus throughout Europe, working with them as we did here in America to get their contractors registered on Fixxbook. It’s the same business model we used in the U.S. We’re just starting over in Europe – but we have the luxury of a U.S. based clientele which already has operations over there – and that gave us instant business in Europe.

Of course, it’s a great help that some contracting companies here in the U.S. have shared their positive experience with their European counterparts. Hopefully, our friends on the other side of the pond will recognize the potential for their companies that exists within Fixxbook. We will learn more about facilities management in a myriad of different environments.

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