Heritage€“ One of the Largest Independent Distributors of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Replacement Parts and Accessories in the Food Service Industry, Partners with Fixxbook

Will provide Fixxbook contractor community with instant access to over $9 million in O.E.M. replacement parts inventory across more then 600 kitchen equipment manufacturer lines.

NEW YORK, NY -“ Fixxbook, the web’s fastest growing online contractor marketplace, has partnered with Heritage Food Service Group Inc. Fixxbook provides retail and restaurants facilities managers with a variety of web-based tools to procure, manage and ensure compliance of commercial contractors. There are currently over 25,000 contractors listed on Fixxbook, with Cheesecake Factory, Panda Express and PF Chang’s among its clients.

“For years our clients – the largest group of leading facility managers in the industry – have said to us, ‘€˜We love that you don’€™t select contractors and that we maintain those relationships, but sometimes we need help finding the right contractor for a specific situation and it’€™s still a challenge. Can you help?’ “€ says Steven Gottfried, CEO of ServiceChannel, Fixxbook’€™s parent company. “€œFixxbook is the way facility clients can find the contractors they seek faster.”

The pressure on facility managers to find the right contracting partner has never been greater. And with thousands of contractors and contractor websites out there, there is no effective way to find the perfect vendor match to meet their needs. By using Fixxbook, facility managers who are actively looking to hire a service contractor can search for them by specialty trades and geographic service areas to find the right partner for the job.

“By putting our business onto Fixxbook, we get in front of facility managers from some of the nation’€™s largest and most recognized brands.” says Matt Sher of Day & Night. “It’€™s smarter than online advertising because we’€™re part of a tool used in the procurement process.”

Fixxbook.com is free for all commercial service contractors to join. As part of their free listing, contractors can create their own business profile page that catalogs their trade expertise, geographic service area, company background and other important business information. Once this profile is 100% completed, prospective clients – facility managers looking for contractors or third party managers looking for sub-contractors, can easily search through these pages.

“Our mission is to catalog the knowledge and expertise of every contractor worldwide, making it easy for facility clients to find the perfect contractor to meet their needs.”€ says Eric Schechter, President of Fixxbook.

About Fixxbook (www.Fixxbook.com)

Fixxbook provides facility managers with a single online platform to procure, manage and ensure compliance of facilities maintenance contractors. Fixxbook’s mission is to catalog the knowledge of every commercial contractor in the world, making it easy for the facilities management industry to efficiently build and manage a solid vendor network from anywhere.

About Heritage (www.hfse.com)

Heritage is the largest independent distributor of commercial kitchen equipment replacement parts and accessories in the food service industry providing contractors with access to over $9 Million O.E.M. Replacement Parts Inventory! And with availability on Over 600 Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer Lines, we’re sure our members will find what they need!

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