How to Find a Contractor You Can Trust: What to Ask For

No matter what kind of business you run, chances are your facilities will require maintenance, repair and upkeep at some point down the road. With hundreds upon thousands of contractors out there, it can be difficult to find a contractor qualified enough for the task at hand. To help, keep the following simple talking points in mind when you’re interviewing a potential contractor:

Interviewing a Commercial Contractor

How Much Insurance Does Your Contractor Carry?

Accidents happen. When you’re working with maintenance and repair, accidents are more likely to happen. Let’s say your contractor is repairing the roof of your facility and missteps, sending his leg through the unstable roof and propelling debris into the workplace below. Who is going to pay for the damages?

Ideally, your contractor will never have a chance to hurt themselves or your employees. But in case of disaster, it is important to know how your contractor is insured. Make sure they have Comprehensive Liability Insurance, Completed Operations Insurance as well as Worker’s Compensation. If something happens on the job, the only one who should be financially responsible for the damages is the contractor. If your contractor isn’t adequately insured, that expense falls on your hands.

What Kind of Credentials Does the Contractor Have?

People like to talk themselves up. Your contractor may claim they went through rigorous training at one of the nation’s top universities, but how do you know?

While trying to find a contractor, be sure to ask for credentials. If you ask a contractor that specializes in plumbing to do electrical work they may falsely inform you they have experience in that area to retain your services. The end result of that situation could be dangerous. If your contractor tells you they know how to do something, ask for their credentials. Certifications, degrees and licenses are paramount in deciding which contractor is the best for your business.

Check Contractor References

While credentials are important, they aren’t everything. Someone might have all the right papers but be less than acceptable in practice. This is where references come in. By asking for previous clients when you are trying to find a contractor, you are getting firsthand assurance from people who have worked with this contractor in the past. Make sure that any clients the contractor refers you to have similar needs and environments, if not identical, to the work that your business requires. Ask for multiple references, and do your own research as well. Make sure the businesses referred to by the contractor are legitimate, and not just names and numbers of the contractor’s friends. You would be surprised how often people pad their resume with flagrant information.

These three talking points will guarantee you that you’re finding the right contractor for the job.

If you’re trying to find a contractor you can trust, Fixxbook is an excellent resource for businesses and facilities managers. A user-friendly contractor database makes narrowing your choices simple, and after you find a contractor you can easily verify licensing, training, and insurance qualifications in just a few clicks.

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