How to Make the Most of a Commercial Move


Moving your business can be much more complicated than you think. The more advance planning you do, the quicker, easier, and cheaper the project will be. When you want to make the most of a commercial move and work diligently with your moving company, try these tips:

1. Book an onsite evaluation appointment with your movers. Since there are so many parts to a commercial move, it’s crucial to assess all factors and parties involved when planning.

2. A single point of contact at the moving company will allow for seamless execution with minimal unforeseen circumstances. The movers should appoint a single move coordinator that stays in contact with you, employees, sub-contractors, and building contacts for the entirety of the project.

3. Let your moving company survey the delivery location. Many times this is overlooked due to busy schedules, yet it can make or break a complex office or retail move.

4. If possible, share blueprints or a map of the new space with your movers so they can better predict time requirements and establish if they require additional tools to safely bring in your furniture and equipment.

5. Create a communication plan with your employees. If the move is happening over a weekend or in the evening, make sure any personal belongings are boxed up and ready to go.

6. Make a detailed inventory of all items.

7. Let customers know in advance where you’re moving so they can still find you (especially if you have a retail location). Update your business listings, business cards, and stationery.

8. Make sure you’re aware of truck access restrictions and permissions for loading/unloading at Point A and Point B.

9. Number your boxes so you can account for everything once you’re in the new space.

10. Consider donating old furniture or fixtures to a local home transition charity.

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