Increasing Your Profile Score

So you’ve finally taken the plunge and registered your company with Fixxbook. Congratulations! You’ve now joined over 40,000 highly qualified and credentialed contractors on a platform that’s a direct sourcing tool for hundreds of retail, restaurant and other multi-unit chains. Now comes the fun part: making your company stand out in a field of the best contractors available anywhere.

You’ve probably noticed that little green number on your profile called your Profile Score. This score is used by our clients and facilities managers as a measuring stick of how engaged a contractor is with the platform and how complete their profile is. So it doesn’t define you as a company, but it does give an indication to potential clients as to your commitment to participate in this procurement platform and how much information you are sharing about your company. Basically, this score gives them added incentive to find out more about your company and connect with you.

So, how do you improve your profile score?

The best thing you can do from the start is to be as thorough and complete as you can in filling out your profile. To make sure you’ve done this, look for the green check mark next to every section of your profile. Even sections that may not apply to you, like the Trade Associations and Certifications section, have a “Not Applicable” choice that, if not selected, is recognized as incomplete on your profile.

As with most things (not all), the more information the better. Fixxbook is driven to provide users with the world’s leading contractor sourcing tool. That comes down to having great information from great contractors, including insurance documentation, references, any licenses you might have, information about the technicians you employ, and more. The more information you include, the higher your profile score because in today’s marketplace, transparency is a good thing.

The beauty of Fixxbook is that the sensitive information you don’t want everyone to see, like your liability insurance policies or banking routing numbers, is not being shared. Only when you accept an invitation from a client are you then able to make that information viewable on your profile, thus setting up the conditions for doing business.

Our best advice for improving your Fixxbook Profile Score is to get involved and stay involved; not just with Fixxbook but with the associations and certification agencies that are pertinent to your industry. Add as much information to your profile as possible and reach out to groups that add value to your industry. Our clients are looking for active, well credentialed contractors. If you can add these association and certification badges to your profile, it will make your profile look that much better to potential clients.

Good luck with building your profile and we hope you see the benefits soon. If you have any questions about improving your Profile Score or any other facet of Fixxbook, drop us a note at Thank you for being a member of the Fixxbook community!

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