Landscape Budget Planning: The Perfect Scenery at the Right Cost

For professional contractors, green is the bottom line: the verdant green of gorgeous landscaping that pleases your demanding clientele, the spot-on green of efficient budgeting and the vital green of a thriving business and a growing professional network.

Of all the tools in a professional contractor’s arsenal, the most important may be a robust and versatile set of landscape cost calculators, assisting with every aspect of landscape budget planning, from costing out Grading and materials, to determining whether a lawn should start out from seed or sod, and a good, working knowledge of Fixxbook.

The key in working with landscape cost calculators, regardless of how prices vary regionally, always comes down to the basics:

Square Footage

  • Length times width of the build site

Cubic Yards

  • Depth in inches for any materials required

While these basic are predetermined, many of the other factors bearing on landscape budget planning, are entirely dependent on the contractor’s skill and vision.

Game Plan

This is where the professional contractor grows his green, right out of the gate, with a clear and focused approach to the job at hand.  Consulting with our Fixxperts and gleaning key insights is always an available option.

Of all the things that can go wrong, poor planning, of various aspects, particularly drainage issues, damaging hardscapes such as walls, walkways, water runoff should always be considered and planned for, along with a recapture strategy to make it available for onsite usage.

Landscape Design Software

  • Using the right landscape design software is always essential


  • Anticipate property access, now and in the future
  • Consider equipment, foot traffic, mowers, grinders, or future additions (Plan it out in advance—or face tearing up something vital and precious somewhere down the road)

Right Plant, Right Spot

In providing perfect scenery, consider the various ground cover issues and long-term cost saving provided by drought-resistant shrubs, plants and grasses. Relationships with your local sourcing green houses, nurseries and planters will also help in keeping down costs and assist in landscape budget planning.

Take Nothing for Granted

Expect the unexpected. Always anticipate and plan for unforeseen costs. Always build in a margin of safety to avoid, or at the very least, minimize cost overruns.

Planning is always the hardest part.

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