What is Fixxbook?

In today’s highly regulated world of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, facilities managers are saddled with a significant administrative burden and high costs associated with capturing and monitoring their contractors’ business information and credentials including insurances, licenses, and certifications.

In addition, it’s difficult to efficiently identify contractors with the specific credentials required by companies.
This includes minority- and / or women-owned contractors who can fulfill corporate requirements to work with verified MBEs.

At the same time, commercial contractors are under pressure to differentiate themselves and capture the attention of facilities management prospects to grow their business.

Fixxbook is an online community for the facilities management industry featuring the Web’s most searchable commercial contractor directory. Its purpose is to connect contractors and facilities managers quickly and easily. Fixxbook is a division of ServiceChannel, the leading facilities services management platform.

Who can use Fixxbook?

Fixxbook can be used by anyone looking to hire or perform service contracting work.

Facilities Managers use Fixxbook to find contractors fast by searching contractors for specific trades, geographies and specializations. Contractors, whether local, regional and national, register with Fixxbook and create a free profile page that is searchable by leading facilities managers from the nation’s largest and most recognized brands.

Contractors use Fixxbook to find new business as well as sub-contractors.

What kinds of contractors are on Fixxbook?

You’ll find local, regional and national commercial contractors across all trades on Fixxbook.

How do I find a contractor?

It’s easy. Log into your free Full Search account, fill out your search parameters to find detailed information about our contractors.

What do I do after I find a contractor?

You have the option to directly call or email all contractors that come up in your search results.
If you’re currently using our Private Network module, you can invite contractors on Fixxbook directly into your network for registration.

Who else can I find on Fixxbook?

Fixxbook provides you with the ability to:

  • Quickly identify contractors that meet your specific project and corporate requirements.
  • Easily locate contractors who are verified as Minority Business Enterprises.
  • Identify a specialty contractor you don’t typically utilize.
  • Find a commercial contractor in a location you don’t currently have service allocated for.
  • Quickly identify reliable contracting help in an emergency situation when other resources are unavailable.

Fixxbook also keeps your current vendors competitive by enabling you to “shop the market” of service providers quickly and easily.

In addition to local, regional and national commercial contractors and subcontractors, you’ll also be able to search subject matter experts and on-demand facilities management consultants, we call them ”Fixxperts”.

I currently use ServiceChannel to manage my contractors, how does Fixxbook work for me?

If you’re currently using ServiceChannel’s FixxbookPN module (formerly Contractor Manager), you can invite contractors on Fixxbook directly into your network for registration.

What does Fixxbook cost to use?

Fixxbook is free for facilities managers to use to search. It’s also free for contractors to join. Private Network is a premium services that has charges associated with it’s use.

Does Fixxbook recommend contractors?

No, Fixxbook is simply a qualification and credentialing tool. Our mission is to catalog the trade expertise and business information of every commercial service contractor in the world. Then we present it in a comprehensive database that enables the facilities industry with an efficient way to find the right contractor based on individual needs and requirements.