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Fixxbook Visits CFESA Fall Conference in Colorado Springs

Increasing Visibility for Commercial Food Service Contractors: By Dan Farmer

This fall my travels took me to Colorado Springs for the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association’s (CFESA) Fall Conference. The conference was hosted at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, and as far as facilities go for hosting a conference, it was fantastic. From the view to the amenities, I could not have been happier. Well, perhaps a few more days to have enjoyed it, but that’s another story. Read more.

Finding a Contractor: Commercial Plumbing Contractor Liability Insurance Requirements

Finding the right contractor for the job takes a little research. If you’re talking about a job on commercial property like an office building or retail space, it’s obviously important to hire someone who is both qualified and experienced, whether you’re talking about an electrician, plumber or landscape contractor.  That said, there’s more to the contractor vetting process than experience or even recommendations. It is also very important to find a contractor who has the right insurance for this specific job. Read more.

Marketing for Contractors: Website Design and Best Practices

When facilities managers want to find a contractor, the first place they turn to is the web. The sophistication of internet services and the complexities of the facility managers’ jobs are growing at exponential rates. This means that commercial contractors looking to get their messages out into the field must make savvy decisions. The best way to do this is to design an efficient website. Read more.