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What is the Minority Contractors Network?

By Eric Schechter

The Minority Contractor Network (MCN) is an association, powered Fixxbook technology, that helps connect minority and women-owned business enterprises (MWBE’s) with new business opportunities.

In order to assist service buyers in identifying minority-owned contractors, MCN provides a verification service. Once verified by MCN, minority owned businesses receive a badge signifying that they’ve been verified. This is important to true MBWE’s because once they are verified by MCN, they’ll be eligible to receive work invitations from hundreds of leading facilities brands in the Fixxbook community. Read more.

MCN Launches to Help Companies Find Minority-Owned Contractors

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX – The Minority Contractor Network (MCN), a B2B web service aimed at connecting verified Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) with new business opportunities from the retail, restaurant and hospitality sectors launched today, using Fixxbook® as it’s core software platform. Read more.

Contractor Management, Sourcing, & Online Bidding

Contractor management refers to an integrated strategy aimed at attaining the best value and service from a contractor. It facilitates the mitigation of losses, increase in service quality and regulation of costs. It is essential since it enables one to establish a relationship with their contractor which translates to the strengthening of both their enterprises. This is done through constant communication with the contractors. It aids in quick resolution of issues that might arise and in the increase of client satisfaction. Business and facility managers depend on contractor companies to render and uphold high quality services.  This necessitates the need for an effective contractor management system. Read more.

Contractor Management: How to Manage Your Project Budgets

In a struggling economy, it can be a very nerve wracking experience to take on a construction project (no matter how major or minor) with the help of a professional contractor. For most businesses, budgets are tight, and it seems that when it comes to construction projects, the unexpected is always waiting to happen and rack extra dollars onto your bill.

Though there are obviously issues that may arise that are beyond the control of anyone, there are steps that you can take to help keep your project budget under control, and as close to your original cost projections as possible. When you adhere to these simple yet highly effective contractor management tips, you will be able to successfully stick to a reasonable project budget. Read more.

Contractor Management: The Commercial Contractor Relationship

Both commercial contractors and facilities managers approach projects with the ideal outcomes in mind, but only by focusing on the real and possible will both parties be satisfied when the job is completed. To maintain the best working relationship possible, achieve objectives, and come away from a project satisfied and ready to do business with the same party again, it’s important for those looking to find a commercial contractor to consider the points below. Read more.