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Finding a Contractor: Commercial Plumbing Contractor Liability Insurance Requirements

Finding the right contractor for the job takes a little research. If you’re talking about a job on commercial property like an office building or retail space, it’s obviously important to hire someone who is both qualified and experienced, whether you’re talking about an electrician, plumber or landscape contractor.  That said, there’s more to the contractor vetting process than experience or even recommendations. It is also very important to find a contractor who has the right insurance for this specific job. Read more.

Become a Commercial Plumber: The Top Ten Plumbing Trade School Programs

A career in plumbing can be very rewarding. Plumbers get to work with their hands, meet new people, and possess practical skills that not many people have. And as long as the demand for clean and convenient running water keeps up, a commercial plumbing contractor will always be able to find work. Read more.