The Fixx – December 2012

the fixx by fixxbook
December 2012
Welcome to The Fixx!

Welcome to the second issue of our e-newsletter dedicated to commercial contractors, subs and tradesmen who make up ServiceChannel’s Fixxbook community. We’re always looking for the contractor’s point-of-view so please let us if you’d like to contribute to our Contractor Corner in upcoming issues. Thanks for your support. We look forward to hearing from you.

We wish everyone a Happy Holiday and Healthy New Year!



35,000 Contractor Companies now Registered on Fixxbook

“We’re proud to reach this important milestone on the road to providing our industry with unparalleled access to quality people, partners and information.” said Fixxbook president, Eric Schechter, “35,000 company profiles representing hundreds of thousands of tradesmen is proof that Fixxbook is the place to find and to be found…” Read more.

ServiceChannel Reaches 100,000 Locations Milestone

“We’ve always believed that with the right mix of tools and technology our clients can do more with less.” said ServiceChannel founder and CEO, Steven Gottfried, “100,000 locations is proof that our industry agrees and that there is another alternative to outsourcing…”Read More.



GRMS Partners with Fixxbook to Certify Contractors

GRMS has created a customized verification program which provides Fixxbook contractors with a trusted, independent “seal of approval” that tells prospects you have gone above and beyond to screen your business and that you stand behind your quality of service…Read more.


Contractor Corner

“Tis the season for Planned Maintenance!

Wholesale and retail bakers, bakery cafes and foodservice providers in malls usually experience spikes in their businesses leading up to certain holidays throughout the year, and the periods leading up to Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year”s Eve are the years” biggest all packed in tightly together. We at Cobblestone Ovens, Inc. always experience a sharp increase in planned maintenance forRead more.

Contractors: if you’d like to be a guest blogger in upcoming issues of The Fixx, please contact us at for submission guidelines.


Tips of the Trade

Increasing Your Profile Score

You’ve probably noticed that little green number on your profile called your Profile Score. This score is used by facilities managers as a measuring stick of how engaged a contractor is with the platform and how complete their profile is. It doesn’t define you as a company, but it does give an indication to potential clients as to your…Read more.


Deal of the Month

Download Our Free Mobile Logbook App

Fixxbook Tradesmen is a mobile digital logbook that saves commercial contractors time, ensures accuracy of work reported and provides a powerful management tool for employers and their tradesmen.

The Fixxbook Tradesmen App enables tradesmen in the field to:

  • Log in and log out of job sites/locations automatically using GPS
  • List trades and equipment worked on
  • Store and edit description of work performed

And it automatically syncs with your Fixxbook Tradesmen account online, which helps manage your business:

  • Tradesmen can view and edit all of their check-in information, by client/employer
  • Employers can view all of the logbooks of their individual tradesmen and easily manage data on staff activities

You’ll never again waste time searching for hand-written records in piles of archived notebooks.

Download our Free Mobile App.


the fixx by fixxbook

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