The Top Ten Electrician Trade Schools & Programs

With an increasing demand for commercial electrical contractors, it’s important for individuals to be aware of the electrician trade schools that provide quality classroom knowledge as well as practical hands-on applications. These schools provide the essential hands-on applications of an apprenticeship, while offering a classroom setting to study electrical theories and systems and become familiar with the National Electronic Code standards.

The 10 Best US Electrician Trade Schools

Below is a list of the top ten trade schools with a reputation of graduating well-rounded, fully-certified commercial electrical contractors.

  1. Emily Griffith Technical College. Located in Denver, Colorado, EGTC has offered an intensive 4-year apprenticeship and classroom-training program for commercial and industrial electricians since the mid-50s. The program boasts around 1,000 graduates annually, and although it’s a longer program than most electrician trade schools, it graduates some of the most sought-after and versatile electricians.
  2. WyoTech Vocational Schools. Wyotech offers six commuter campuses over four states. It offers a Certificate Program and Associates Degree for electrician students. The training programs are geared towards working adults and specialize in offering flexible programs.
  3. Everest Institute Everest has various locations throughout the U.S. and offers a Certificate Program and Associates Degree. Along with hands on training, Everest focuses on technical and mathematical skills to cultivate s strong base of knowledge to work on a range of electrical power systems.
  4. Kaplan Career Institute. Offering a Certificate Degree and Associates Degree for electrical technicians, Kaplan was established in 1958 as a RETS Electronics School. This makes the trade school one of the oldest quality electrician trade schools in America.
  5. InterCoast. With various Locations in California, the Electrical Training program can provide skills and knowledge related to commercial, residential, and industrial wiring. In addition, students gain a solid understanding of electricity and power distribution, electronics theory, photovoltaics and much more.
  6. Coyne College. Located in Chicago, Illinois, Coyne offers a Certificate Program and Associates Degree for commercial electrician contractors in two program options, Electrical Construction and Maintenance and Electrical Construction and Planning. Coyne also offers job placement assistance, career services resources and on-site job searching training.
  7. Fortis College. With 36 locations Fortis College offers a Certificate Program and Associates Degree for Electronic Systems Technician. Fortis focused on troubleshooting techniques for three phase power and conduit bending and also offers a strong background for National Electric Code standards.
  8. TESST College of Technology. Located in Baltimore, Maryland, TESST College offers programs specializing in commercial and industrial wiring for the aspiring commercial electrical contractors. The program also focuses on transformer installation and maintenance.
  9. Porter and Chester Institute. Located in various locations through Massachusetts and Connecticut, PCI prepares students for both the L-6 and E-2 exams. It mixes practical hands-on experience with safety training and electrical theory.
  10. Ecotech Institute. Founded in 2010 and located in Denver, Co, Ecotech focuses on green-tech electronic practices for commercial electrician contractors. This is perfect for aspiring electricians that want to know more cutting-edge green technology and want to experience hands-on training to work on this technology.

With an increasing demand for commercial electrical contractors, a quality education can make the difference between an entry-level electrician and an electrician with the knowledge and hands-on experience to tackle more intricate systems and technologies.

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