The Top Ten HVAC Trade School Programs

With the high demand of commercial HVAC contractors in the workforce, it is vital that those interested in the industry find a quality education. For instance, higher and higher SEER-efficient systems are demanding a new generation of expertise. By attending a quality HVAC trade school, students can learn the newer technologies associated with these exceedingly efficient models.

The Best HVAC Trade Schools in the US

The HVAC industry is now being considered part of the “green-collar” workforce, but only technicians trained on these cutting-edge technologies will be highly-sought upon graduation. This makes a quality education very important. Listed below are 10 of the most cutting-edge and in-depth HVAC trade schools specializing in HVAC technician education.

  1. TCI – The College of Technology. Located in New York, NY, TCI prepares future commercial HVAC contractors with the solid mechanical and electronic skills needed for large industrial units, including how to read blueprints, work with control circuits and pneumatic controls.
  2. Porter and Chester Institute. With multiple locations throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut, PCI prepares HVAC technicians to, not only work on climate control systems, but to learn cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and computer based HVAC evaluations and investigations.
  3. Lincoln Technical Institute. LTI has been a quality educator for 60 years and prides itself on offering real-work, hands-on training for HVAC professionals. Located throughout Connecticut and New Jersey, many companies work with LTI to find a new commercial HVAC contractor for their business.
  4. YTI Career Institute. Located in York, Pennsylvania, YTI offers HVAC students a fast track, 12-month HVAC technician program. Although the program is fast, its in-depth and intense hands-on training prepares students for their NATE Certificate.
  5. Remington College. This program offers a broad HVAC education with the option to have specialized training in the HVAC field the student would like to work in upon graduation. With 18 locations throughout the U.S., a future commercial HVAC contractor can find a quality education in heating, cooling and refrigeration, as well as, learning the newest technologies on commercial compressors, condensers and evaporators.
  6. Advanced Technology Institute Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, ATI offers two different tracks for HVAC students: an HVAC and Refrigeration Technologies Diploma, and an Associates Degree in Occupational Sciences with an emphasis in HVAC Service Management. Both career tracks prepare students with hands-on training to succeed in the HVAC industry.
  7. WyoTech Vocational Schools. Wyotech boasts six commuter campuses over four states that offer quality HVAC programs. Wyotech prepares students by teaching basic skills on electronic control mechanisms and also teaching students new computerization techniques and sophisticated control systems of newer HVAC models. The training programs are geared towards working adults and specialize in offering flexible programs.
  8. Everest Institute. The Everest Institute has various locations throughout America. Along with hands on training, the school prides itself on small class room sizes and on one-on-one direction from qualified professional with industry-specific classes.
  9. Kaplan Career Institutes. With schools throughout Massachusetts, Ohio and Pennsylvania, Kaplan’s HVAC programs prepare students for the NATE Certification with in-depth labs covering commercial heating and cooling systems. It also prepares students to work on newer energy efficient systems.
  10. Vatterott College. With 19 locations, Vatterott College offers HVAC students hands-on training, including the installation, repair and maintenance of the most cutting-edge, highest SEER efficiency-rated systems, giving their students a head start in the innovative field.

With an increasing demand for commercial HVAC contractors, a quality education that provides hands-on experience with intricate systems and technologies is vital. Contractors with a solid education and vast experience have the opportunity to showcase their expertise with Fixxbook’s free commercial contractor directory. Every day, facilities managers are looking for qualified contractors to service their establishments and Fixxbook is one of the easiest ways to be found. Find out more in our How it Works section.

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