The Top Ten Landscape Design Schools Programs

Commercial landscape contractors will tell you outstanding landscape design requires passion – passion for the environment and ecological issues; passion for a community’s spirit; passion for architecture and design. Passion alone, however, isn’t enough. Passion needs to be funneled and honed into an education that includes hands-on training and intensive learning.

The 10 Best US Landscape Design Schools

Whether you’re one of the commercial landscape contractors using Fixxbook to publicize your profile or a manager looking to hire one, it’s the skills and lessons learned at these ten institutions below that can make the most of passion. Below are the top ten landscape design programs in the nation:

  1. Harvard University. Harvard’s Master in Landscape Architecture is a three-year program that focuses on ecology and urbanization. The MLA in Urban Design incorporates policy, finance and a focus on public & private developments.
  2. Cal-Berkeley. Cal offers a Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Design program that covers all of the fundamentals of landscape design. The MLA Environmental Planning degree program expands those learnings to include lessons on urban forestry and hydrology.
  3. Cornell University. Cornell is the only Ivy League school that offers an undergraduate degree in landscape architecture. Their Department of Landscape Architecture offers complete programs at both the undergrad and graduate level.
  4. Ohio State University. The Knowlton School of Architecture offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in landscape architecture where the professors try to focus on the upcoming developments in the field rather than on what’s already happened. If you’re looking for forward-thinkers, look for a Buckeye.
  5. University of Georgia. UGA’s College of Environment and Design is relatively new (established in 2001), however the university has offered landscape degrees for almost 100 years. Their Bachelor of Landscape Architecture is a five-year program with a focus on topics such as community impacts, plants and environmental issues.
  6. Purdue University. The Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture offers a five year undergraduate program which includes one full year of cooperative work experience. Their program mixes practical learnings with theory and history of landscape architecture and design while boasting a respected alumnus.
  7. University of Pennsylvania. The School of Design is routinely placed among the top programs in the nation thanks to its curriculum and extraordinary staff of esteemed professors. The program is focused on preparing students for the current and future issues of landscape design. The Master of Landscape Architecture covers an extensive amount of ground, preparing students for projects big and small alike.
  8. Texas A&M University. TAMU’s Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning is one of the nation’s oldest of its kind. An ever-evolving curriculum, massive resources, strong research efforts and expert faculty make it one of the top schools routinely. The Bachelor or Master of Landscape Architecture both ask students to tackle wide-ranging topics that may step outside the realm of landscape design but have influence nonetheless.
  9. Cal State Poly. Sustainability and the ethical dilemmas of our modern world are at the forefront of how the Department of Landscape Architecture conducts its program. Students can receive a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture or a Master of Science in Landscape Architecture and provide solid learnings in the realms of critical thinking, ecological impact, environmental issues and aesthetics.
  10. Virginia Polytechnic. VPI’s School of Architecture and Design is renowned for its facilities, faculty and resources. If you can think of a program that challenges students, they’re likely offering it. Their the bachelor and master programs routinely rank in the top five nationally.

Regardless of what your training or schooling consists of, commercial landscape contractors and their employees should always make sure qualifications are clearly identified to be transparent in your quest for lead generation.

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