Become a Commercial Plumber: The Top Ten Plumbing Trade School Programs

A career in plumbing can be very rewarding. Plumbers get to work with their hands, meet new people, and possess practical skills that not many people have. And as long as the demand for clean and convenient running water keeps up, a commercial plumbing contractor will always be able to find work.

The 10 Best Commercial Plumbing Trade Schools

For those interested in pursuing a career or expanding their own contracting business with plumbing certification, there are several avenues of formal training. Below is a list of top plumbing schools from around the country (and even online):

  1. Penn Foster Career School: Based in Scranton, PA this school offers an affordable online program in plumbing certification. Penn Foster’s accredited course schedule prepares students to enter the profession after passing any local or state exams.
  2. Ashworth College: With a self-paced program, this Georgia based school enables students to learn at their convenience making their own schedule. Their career diploma program prepares students for certification exams and apprenticeship in the plumbing field.
  3. Atlanta Technical College: One of the best technical schools in the country, ATC plumbing certificates or degrees come with a 2-year warranty guaranteeing that students possess the proper knowledge to begin their career as a commercial plumbing contractor.
  4. Minnesota West Community and Technical College: Rated one of the top 30 community colleges in the county by Washington Monthly, the Pipestone campus of Minnesota West offers Associates degrees in the plumbing field. Upon completion of the program, students are rewarded with certification and apprenticeship within the state.
  5. Montana State University: Offering certificates and associates degrees in plumbing technology, the program at the MSU Northern campus in Havre, Montana, is considered one of the best. Graduates of the program must complete three years of a hands-on apprenticeship before applying for a plumbing license.
  6. Macomb Community College: Metro-Detroit’s premier community college and technical school offers Associate degrees or certification for those seeking employment as a plumbing contractor. The school assists students in finding work through their apprenticeship program.
  7. Salt Lake Community College: Offers associate degrees in plumbing technology through classroom instruction covering all theoretical and technical aspects of the craft. Their acclaimed apprenticeship program is registered with the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training.
  8. Cleveland Community College: Located in Shelby, North Carolina, this school provides an extensive, yet “fast tract”, curriculum specializing in residential plumbing. It includes mastering the drafting and reading of plumbing systems blueprints.
  9. WyoTech: Considered to be the best, and most serious, plumbing trade school the state of California has to offer. This school provides students with hands-on training along side experienced instructors. Classes in reasoning and problem solving skills are also offered to aid in the students career as a plumbing contractor.
  10. Hinds Community College: The degree program at Hinds puts an emphasis on construction technology as well as plumbing thereby preparing students for an array of career opportunities in the plumbing field. Graduates have options of becoming supervisors, teachers, irrigation installers, gas fitters, consultants, and (of course) plumbing contractors.

Many of the schools listed offer financial aid, scholarship programs, or federal grant opportunities. Meeting with an admissions advisor upon enrollment is the best way to find which financial aid program is right for you.

In addition to looking into the schools listed above, listing your skillset and networking with commercial plumbing contractors on Fixxbook can also prove to be beneficial when researching plumbing trade schools.  Find out more in our How it Works section.

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